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about REGA

It is time to reinvent insurance. Let us introduce you Crowdsurance.

We all heard about shared economy: people sharing cars, home, bikes, even wi-fi. But why can’t we share our risks and protect each other without insurance companies. We have to pay lots of money because only insurance companies have algorithms for risk assessment, technology and resources.

Leveraging our 20 years experience in risk assessment and scoring we are creating REGA Risk Sharing platform where everyone could unite in groups to protect each other. As REGA Platform has fundamental differences with conventional insurance in foundations, rules and philosophy, we introduce new term “Crowdsurance”.

Crowdsurance is the community of individuals shared their risks with each other. Crowdsurance inseparably connected with blockchain, decentralization and cryptocurrency.

No agents, no brokers

Cost saving

Flat fee 20%

Up to 50% payback

Instant payments

Blockchain = transparency

REGA platform




Join Lexi Club pet Сrowdsurance and get up to 80% payback on vet bills. If nothing has happened with your pet get up to 50% investment back



Invest around 2,5% of your gadget price to the REGA Pool to protect your gadget from selected risks without overhead of financial institutions

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Use data from various sensors and detectors to trigger payment request upon occurrence of certain event



Car owners can invest in REGA Car Protection Pool and in case of an accident the Pool funds will be used to cover cost of car repair



Drones can be used in REGA Real Estate Crowdsurance to check the property condition and provide evidence, case has happened and the property is damaged



Parametric data from personal assistants, smart watches, fitness trackers, health applications will be used to adjust scoring models. REGA Health Crowdsurance products will provide price effective solution for everyone



REGA technologies

  • Facial scoring

    Facial scoring


  • Application scoring

    Application scoring


  • Underwriting



  • REGA pools

    REGA pools

    smart contracts

  • REGA tokens

    REGA tokens

    smart contracts

  • Voting


    expert community

our way to go

roadmap milestones

  • STAGE 1
  • STAGE 2
  • STAGE 3
  • health STAGE 4
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"We discovered a very interesting company, REGA Risk Sharing which has developed a decentralized crowdsurance platform ..."

Stankevicius MGM
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"REGA Risk Sharing developed a new product that has every chance to make a revolution in the insurance market."

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"REGA Risk Sharing is a developer of decentralized crowdsurance platform based on smart contracts, scoring systems and artificial intelligence technologies ..."

Eugenia Kovaliova
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"REGA, a Russian Risk-Sharing startup, has developed a Blockchain-based insurance service for pets. The new service, called Lexi Club, allows signing a mutual pet health insurance using the Ethereum smart contracts platform."

Nina Lyon
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"Russian company REGA Risk Sharing has developed a Lexi Club service for pet crowdsurance based on blockchain platform ..."

Oleg Ovechkin Rusbase
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"Russian startup REGA Risk Sharing uses blockchain Ethereum in pet insurance ..."

Artyom Klimov Forbes
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"The Risk Management Robot uses a hierarchical structure group of smart contracts on the Ethereum platform (Microsoft Azure Ethereum Consortium Blockchain)"

Editor Bitnews

"VC fund AltaIr Capital invested in blockchain platform Rega Risk Sharing, which develops crowdsurance products for risk management of users ..."

Editor Forklog
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"Fund Altair Capital invested in developer of decentralized crowdsurance platform REGA Risk Sharing based on smart contract ..."

Irina Mamikonyan Firrma
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"About a year ago in Russia unique start-up started using the most leading edge technologies in scoring and underwriting ..."

Olga Kucherova
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"REGA, innovative blockchain solution leverages the power of crowd to create an innovative insurance and Risk Sharing Platform ..."

Editor NewsBTC
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"REGA Risk Sharing - insurtech startup from Russia announces start of international crowdfunding campaign and releases Risk Sharing Tokens on Ethereum ..."

Editor The Cointelegraph

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Team & Advisory


Our advisory board helps us to build REGA in the new blockchain world using all experience and wisdom of the current financial market.

advisory member

Vince Chan

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Creta Ventures
Double MBA graduate from Yale and Chicago, U.S. CPA and CFA Charterholder
advisory member

Hannes Chopra

30+ years experience in insurance
advisory member

Justin Litchfield

CTO at BTC Labs
Unique experience in building products at the intersection of FinTech, blockchain, and the media.
advisory member

Igor Ryabenkiy

Managing partner at Altair Capital Management

advisory member

Andrey Amlinsky

Creative director of Amlinsky Creative Strategies



Our management team is unique for the Fintech market. Deep knowledge of financial services with knowhow to build a bank or an insurance company from the scratch and passion for new technologies.

team member

Sergei Sevriugin

CEO, Founder
15+ years experience in fintech and banking
team member

Victor Chernyshev

CTO, Founder
20+ years experience in fintech projects
team member

Roman Ischenko

Chief Architect, Founder
20+ years experience in fintech projects
team member

Sergey Kiselev

Business Development & CMO, Founder
10+ years of entrepreneurship
team member

Leonid Morozovskii

CFO, Founder
15+ years of experience in commercial banking and insurance, MBA, PhD
team member

Maria Titcheva

Legal and HR advisory
10+ legal and insurance
team member

Veronika Kolesnikova

Digital Communication Specialist /Social Media Marketing

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